Run any software in a browser.

Instant, secure app delivery from the cloud.

The visual cloud just got a lot more affordable: announcing
immediate support for new AWS EC2 T2 instances.

Collaborate in a single click.

Watch a demo of a hassle-free Photoshop collaboration:

“We tested it out with Photoshop, and it worked great... Actions like typing text, dragging layers, and cropping images felt responsive and snappy, even though my laptop was connected to servers 2,700 miles away – a testament to both Mainframe2′s video encoding wizardry and AWS’ powerful cloud infrastructure.”

Eric Blattberg
Venture Beat

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mainframe2 infographic illustration

Infographic: What is Mainframe2?

Run desktop applications in the cloud. Access them from your browser.
No plugins required.

Our users said...

Mainframe2 came out of stealth last fall — and the excitement around our new platform has been growing ever since. On November 14, 2013, people in 138 countries used Mainframe2 to run Adobe Photoshop in their browser. Here's what they said: